What is the most affordable, high-quality scooter in the market?

What is the most affordable, high-quality scooter in the market?

You are probably wondering how the i-Glide brand is able to price their scooters to be far more affordable than other leading brands and not compromise on quality and performance.

i-Glide is an leading Australian-owned brand that has mastered the formular of good business practices, quality products, and affordability. 

Let us explain.....

i-Glide understand that profit is a key fundamental for a business's growth and success however i-Glide stays humble and remember why they got into the toy/scooter industry in the first place. 

To inspire curiosity, evoking imagination for adventure, and bring the simple joys of outdoor scootering to kids around the globe. 

i-Glide does not want to join other scooter brands that have priced out everyday mum's and dad's that want to buy their child a high-quality scooter for Christmas, Birthday's or just to decrease their child's screen time and get them active and outdoors. 

i-Glide has positioned themselves well amongst the BIG expensive foreign-owned brands and is a competitive player in the market, selling scooters globally since 2016.

The i-Glide product development team are all about inclusiveness and family quality time so they have created a range of scooters to cater for all ages. 

We have provided a easy guide for you to choose the right scooter for your child.

The i-Glide 3-wheels scooter is our #1 best-seller due to it's quality, durability, price, rainbow colourways and the awesome battery-free light up wheels.
This scooter is easy-to-use and sturdy, making it the perfect first scooter for infants and young children from ages 2 to 6yrs. 

The i-Glide JR Scooter also offers the ever so popular battery-free light up wheels and is the perfect first 2-wheel scooter for kids aged 3 to 7 yrs.
This scooter is light-weight, sturdy and and has all of the necessary features for your little one to swish and zoom around your local pathways and parks.

The i-Glide Cruz Scooter offers the perfect riding experience for kids +6yrs up to 50kg. This scooter is the perfect entry-level trick scooter for your kid to practice tricks and improve their confidence in becoming one with a scooter. The Cruz scooter is light-weight and extremely durable offering a comfortable ride. 

The i-Glide Pro Scooter is the perfect design for + 8yrs up to 80kg, offering a light-weight strong and reliable scooter to master tricks on at the skatepark or riding the curves of your local footpaths. This scooter comes in several sleek chrome colourway which is sure to turn heads at the local skateparks. 

The i-Glide Commuter Scooter is the perfect companion on a daily commute to work, university/school and the ultimate sturdy scooter to join your kids on family adventures.  
This scooter is designed for ages 10yrs up to adults under 100kg. The commuter scooter offers all the features you need to light-weight, portable, easy braking, and adjustable handlebars. 

i-Glide offers an affordable, and reliable fleet of scooters for the whole family to enjoy their adventures together.

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