The i-Glide brand was founded in 2014 in Australia, with four key values:

  • To produce the highest quality scooters;
  • To produce scooters that are safe and fun to ride;
  • For our scooters to be affordable for every family;
  • To ensure our scooters are sustainable for the environment.

We are proud to be an Australian brand whose products are now available in most major International markets, and we are most happy that we produce a scooter that thousands of kids around the world are able to spend time outdoors gliding along on, having the time of their lives.

What we value most

  • Highest Quality

    Our 3-wheel scooter is built to last. Made from the highest quality materials and a relentless attention to craftsmanship in the manufacturing process, our customers and stockists regularly tell us that the i-Glide scooter is the best in terms of quality and reliability.

  • Fun & Safe

    Whilst the goal of riding a scooter is to develop balancing skills and to have fun, it’s important that this all happens in the safest possible way. You can rest assured that the i-Glide scooter your children are zooming around creating memories on are certified to meet Australian and
    International toy safety standards.

  • Sustainable

    We hope the kids that are riding our scooters have a beautiful planet to live on when they grow up. We try to do our bit to help make sure this is the case, by making products that are durable and are able to be passed down to siblings or donated to other families, reducing the need for more “new” products to be made.

  • Affordable

    We believe that our scooters should be within every family’s budget. Whilst quality comes at a slight premium, we don’t believe in inflating prices for the sake of a brand or logo. Our scooters offer exceptional value for money, and we promise to always keep it that way.

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  • Australian-owned

  • Free Shipping over $15

  • AUS/NZ Certified

  • 2-year Warranty

  • 10,000's Happy Customers

  • Designed for Aussie Kids'