How to choose the right scooter for your child?

How to choose the right scooter for your child?

Are you searching for the perfect scooter for your child?

Look no further! We have prepared an easy guide to help you make the right choice.

i-Glide 3-Wheels Scooter (Ages 2-6 yrs):
Our #1 best-seller, this scooter is loved for its quality, durability, and vibrant rainbow colorways. The i-Glide 3-Wheels Scooter features awesome battery-free light-up wheels that add a touch of excitement to your child's rides. With its easy-to-use design and sturdy build, this scooter is the ideal first scooter for infants and young children.

i-Glide JR Scooter (Ages 3-7 yrs):
The i-Glide JR Scooter is perfect for kids aged 3 to 7 years. It also features the popular battery-free light-up wheels. This lightweight and sturdy scooter is designed to provide a smooth and enjoyable ride for your little one. Let them swish and zoom around local pathways and parks with confidence.

i-Glide Cruz Scooter (Ages 6+ yrs, up to 50kg):
If your child is aged 6 years or older and looking to venture into trick riding, the i-Glide Cruz Scooter is the perfect choice. This entry-level trick scooter offers a comfortable ride, allowing your child to practice tricks and build their confidence. It is lightweight, durable, and designed to withstand the demands of tricks and stunts.

i-Glide Pro Scooter (Ages 8+ yrs, up to 80kg):
For older kids aged 8 years and above, the i-Glide Pro Scooter is an excellent option. This scooter is built to handle advanced tricks and maneuvers at the skatepark or on local footpaths. With its sleek chrome colorways, it's sure to turn heads wherever your child rides. The i-Glide Pro Scooter is lightweight, strong, and reliable, making it the perfect companion for young riders pushing their scooter skills to the next level.

i-Glide Commuter Scooter (Ages 10+ yrs, up to 100kg):

Designed for older kids, teens, and adults, the i-Glide Commuter Scooter is the ultimate companion for your daily commute or family adventures. Whether you're going to work, university, or school, this sturdy and reliable scooter has got you covered. It offers a lightweight and portable design, easy braking, and adjustable handlebars for a comfortable riding experience. Join your kids and enjoy scooting together on family outings.

i-Glide provides an affordable and reliable range of scooters for the whole family to enjoy. With our diverse selection, you can find the perfect scooter that suits your child's age and riding needs. Get ready for endless scooting adventures and create cherished memories with i-Glide scooters.

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