South East Queensland, Pump Track Coming To Pizzy Park

South East Queensland, Pump Track Coming To Pizzy Park

Exciting News for Our Valued South-east Queensland Customers: Introducing the Gold Coast's First Asphalt Pump Track at Pizzey Park!

We are thrilled to announce that Pizzey Park is set to become home to the Gold Coast's first asphalt pump track, a fantastic addition that will complement the park's existing world-class skate park. This new feature promises endless fun and excitement for riders of all ages and skill levels.

What exactly is a pump track, you may ask?
Well, it's a beginner-friendly track that caters not only to bikes but also to scooters, skateboards, and inline skates.
Unlike traditional BMX tracks that require pedaling and have a definitive start and finish, a pump track is made up of a series of undulating rhythm sections that form a loop. Here, riders progress through the course by skillfully maneuvering their way using a technique called "pumping," which involves utilizing the rises and falls of the track to sustain momentum. Highly skilled riders can even maintain their momentum indefinitely, creating a truly exhilarating experience.

Now, let's dive into the exciting details of this new project. The pump track at Pizzey Park will cover an expansive area of 2000 square meters, providing ample space for riders to enjoy. The track will feature rollable mounds, step-up/step-down jumps, and tabletop jumps, ensuring a dynamic and thrilling ride for everyone. Additionally, we have taken into consideration your comfort and convenience by incorporating additional seating and shading, allowing you to relax and enjoy the action-packed atmosphere.

This fantastic addition to Pizzey Park will bring numerous benefits to our community. First and foremost, the pump track is designed to be beginner-friendly, catering to a wide range of users, including bikes, scooters, skateboards, and inline skates. This inclusivity ensures that riders of all ages and skill levels can enjoy the track, making it an ideal spot for family outings and friendly gatherings. We believe in creating spaces that appeal to everyone, and this track will provide an exciting and engaging activity for the youth who are often overlooked when designing open spaces.

Furthermore, this new addition will only enhance the already impressive reputation of Pizzey Park's world-class skate park. The combination of the pump track and skate park will create a vibrant hub for riders, attracting enthusiasts from near and far. Whether you're a seasoned rider looking for a thrilling challenge or a beginner eager to learn new skills, Pizzey Park has something for everyone.

We are delighted to bring you this exciting news and cannot wait for you to experience the Gold Coast's first asphalt pump track at Pizzey Park. Get ready to unleash your riding skills, enjoy the camaraderie of fellow riders, and create lasting memories at this exhilarating new facility. Stay tuned for updates as we get closer to the grand opening. Get your gear ready and prepare to ride into a world of excitement!

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